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What exactly does Stuppy do?

Posted by Phil Bishop on Aug 23, 2017 3:38:33 PM


It is easy to get lost in the details of how a greenhouse functions or troubleshooting an equipment failure. Helping customers on specific projects is the day to day but the overall function of Stuppy is wider and deeper. In short we design, manufacture and construct greenhouses and growing systems, but this leaves out how and why.

It’s ironic, schools and commercial growers come to us to get questions answered and intern get asked more questions than they had for us. This really is the fundamental approach we take. We make sure to understand what is needing to be done i.e. new greenhouse, renovation etc. but deeper than this is understanding why the greenhouse project is being completed. This is accomplished by asking a lot of questions. These questions and the answers are what we base our greenhouse design around. Our goal is to produce a greenhouse that functions exactly as you had envisioned and need it to perform.

We are able to achieve this by our dedicated greenhouse sales staff, which function more as consultants than sales, and our internal engineering department. Between sales and engineering we are able to accommodate a wide range of needs. To top it off we manufacture direct. Our manufacturing facility is part of our offices. This leads to quick turnaround times and great quality control.

Stuppy is has a couple main customer bases. One is helping commercial growers grow their business through custom greenhouses. Our commercial customers range from vegetable production to nurseries floriculture/bedding plants. Greenhouses range in size from 3000 square feet to 250,000 square feet and above. As mentioned above, this is based around taking a concept and designing a greenhouse that functions exactly as needed. This includes the greenhouse structure along with the environment, which in my opinion is the most important aspect of a greenhouse as a whole.

04BE8BB0-82B3-413F-A6B2-B8A49ADFC79E-1.jpg  30GCRPlus8sw.jpg

On the other side our customers are educationally based. This includes grade schools, high schools, community colleges and universities. We work with the schools and architects to design and build greenhouses that are accessible to all and are good environments for learning.

IMG_5495 (2).jpg  IMG_0502.jpg

We also recently released our educational aquaponics system, the Aqueduct, as a learning tool teachers can use to teach their students a wide array of subjects.


I didn’t want this to be a fluff piece, which it kind of ended up being, but more of a way for people not familiar with Stuppy to get an idea of what we do. Stuppy works with such a variety that I can see it being hard to envision your business or school in our materials and intern seeing how we can help.

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