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Are You a Business Person, Engineer or Grower?

Posted by Phil Bishop on Aug 12, 2016 11:16:59 AM



When it comes to running a commercial greenhouse, I have found that there are three general categories people fall into. These are not character defining traits or leadership defining but simply a frame of reference for decision making. Even within these three types the lines blur, because in order to run a successful greenhouse all are critical and each owner, manager or supervisor will make decisions involving every topic. This post is less about defining yourself and more about being self-aware of your strengths. If you know what your strengths are you can supplement your weaknesses by adding other people to your team that are strong in the differing categories. By doing this your management team will be well rounded as a whole. As you read through think about where your strengths lie.

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Taking the Low Bid

Posted by admin on Feb 6, 2015 2:04:48 PM

There are many risks involved when bidding out your greenhouse project! Here is a list outlining some of those risks. It is from an article about roofing but is just as true regarding any project. Whether it be your home or your greenhouse, being well informed and comparing ALL bids is your greatest weapon.

The Top Reasons to Eliminate the Lowest Bidder from Your List
Choosing the lowest bidder can look like a smart, money saving move, but it rarely works out.
Every contractor is in business to make money and if you accept the lowest bid, you will either end up with quality issues or paying more than the original quote. Either way you end up losing.
Before you sign any proposal consider this information carefully.
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