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Dreamer or Doer?

Posted by admin on Jun 16, 2015 8:05:52 AM

Ambition is the American Way. It drives us to do and create great things in the face of overwhelming obstacles and competition. You know the names: Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, Buffet, Gates and Jobs. Although ambition often has a negative connotation and does have a dark side, when harnessed and channeled, it drives us to do amazing things. But only when we act. In the world of startups and Shark Tank it seems like it everyone is looking for that one good idea to turn their dreams into an early retirement. However, have you ever wondered why, if it was so easy, more people haven’t made it? I talk to a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners every week, and I can tell within the first 5 minutes who are the dreamers and who are the doers. The dreamers can inspire you with their passion, talk to you for days about what their business will look like in the future, and have an unending supply of energy. What is missing? The plan to connect their current state to their desired future state. This is where the doers shine. They tend to have the same passion but a more realistic view of future state and a dialed in plan for how they will get there.

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