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To construct or not to construct: That is the question!

Posted by admin on Feb 10, 2015 8:59:34 AM

Yes, we are channeling Shakespeare. There are many things to consider when you have decided to construct a new greenhouse. Whether it be your first or fifth structure, we have provided a four point checklist to consider before you begin.

Site Design
First off, establish the simplest placement for building. This means separation from property lines, additional separation which may offer building code advantages, building orientation, site topography, vehicular access, and maneuvering requirements.

Civil Engineering
To commence with the design it is important to survey the site boundaries and features, document existing site topography and storm water drainage. Also, consider the building's footprint, its drainage pattern, and storm water drainage features to develop ad grading and drainage plan and details for the project. For utilities, think of the building requirements and the location of available electrical, communication, water, sewer, and gas services. Depending on local and state codes, your structure may require a site fire protection plan. Lastly, develop the vehicular access and parking feature of the site to provide appropriate service to the building, including the provision of fire lanes and accessible parking where applicable.

Building Codes
It will be important to confirm the occupancy and construction types with the building official. These will govern the number of required exits, allowable building area, and parking space requirements per unit of building area. Understand and apply local code requirements to produce the simplest interior environment which meets code standards. Be aware of the local accessibility standards that apply to parking areas, to the pedestrian approach to the building, to interior routes through the building and to work spaces and restrooms. These will also apply to the features of any space in which transactions with the public or building visitors may occur. Review all codes for their relevance to the entire building and develop mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for the structure that in the simplest manner possible cause it to meet code.

Electrical Design
Create engineered electrical design plans acceptable to local officials for permitting. The plans need to comply with local code, amendments, and energy conservation. The plans will be developed in as simple a manner as possible and will include the floor plan design of lighting, power connections, and fire alarm system layout. The design will include the coordination with the power utility company, illustrate an electrical distribution system, and include schedules and details required to complete the design process.

If you have questions feel free to contact us.

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