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Double Poly Installation Helpful Hints

Posted by admin on Mar 12, 2015 8:12:06 AM

There is more than one way to fillet a fish and the same goes for installing the poly on your greenhouse. Below is just one method to help you get an idea of how the process goes:

1. Make sure all rough edges are taped to prevent tearing of poly and extrusions are in place

2. Roll out first roll of poly. Gather poly and tie rope at approximately 24’ intervals. The end of the rope can be stuck through a tennis ball to enable the rope to be thrown over the bows.

3. Once ropes are in place, poly can be pulled over slowly, be careful to not let it snag. Once in place, lock the Polylock in a few places on all four sides. Make sure poly is square and even.

4. Proceed with second layer in the same way, making sure all sides are pulled down tight and lock in the Polylock extrusions.

5. Once both layers are locked in, install inflation fan and inflate. Trim off the excess poly. Ideal space between layers is 6 to 12 inches.

Please note that various poly manufacturers have specifically recommended installation procedures. Please refer to the instructions packed in the factory cartons to get the best performance from your polyethylene. Consider keeping an extra roof covering on hand for emergencies.

For more information see our Recommended Practices regarding poly firm.

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