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Construction Definitions

Posted by admin on Feb 10, 2015 9:49:01 AM

Basic Erection:

The greenhouse columns will be set in concrete piers or attached to a base plate to a provided foundation. The greenhouse frame will be erected, covering will be installed along with all Stuppy provided equipment. All electrical (power and control) inside and outside of the greenhouse are excluded. All plumbing (water and gas) inside and outside of the greenhouse are excluded. Equipment start up (HVAC) is excluded. PVC drain pipe from gutter downspouts and splash blocks is included.

Turn-key Construction:

All included items as listed in Basic Erection. Gravel floor is provided. Power, electrical, gas and water connections are provided at non-prevailing wages. All utilities are to be stubbed (By Owner) within 10’ of the greenhouse site. Wiring lines and piping will be ran from equipment provided and installed by Stuppy inside and outside of the greenhouse. Final connections will be made to utilities stubbed within 10’ of the greenhouse. All prices shown are an estimate only.

Utility Connections (Turnkey Construction)

  • Electrical
    • The installation of controller, wiring of all 115/230 volt –single phase equipment. A minimum of a 100-amp breaker box will be provided along with overhead general lighting, GFI outlets and switches, entrance/exit lights with a battery backup.
  • Plumbing
    • Installation will include a back flow preventor, hose bibs, pressure regulator and the running of water lines to sump tank. Fuel lines to gas fired heater from source are provided
  • HVAC
    • Start-up of Stuppy provided equipment is included
  • Drainage
    • PVC drain pipe from gutter down spouts with splash blocks.
  • Available Options: Concrete slab with trench or floor drains, sinks, hot water heaters, eye wash station, or potting benches Site grading or building permits are not provided. Slab design is by Other. Base plate reactions will be provided. Anything not listed above is not included.

If you would like Stuppy to help in determining what the best option is for your greenhouse project feel free to contact us.

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