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Plug-In NFT System for Stuppy's Aqueduct, Aquaponics System

Posted by Conor Quinlan on Feb 9, 2017 1:33:44 PM

The new prototype for the NFT has been completed. It should grow crops far more effectively than the older prototype which would get clogged with roots and was very difficult and tedious to clean.

New NFT.jpg    New NFT 2.jpg

Above are images of the NFT system fully assembled, the actual product will look very similar overall. We will be offering it as an add-on for the Aqueduct and as a stand-alone system with its own reservoir and small pump.

Below are images of the inside of the NFT channels (left) and gutter (right). Our gutter design will allow customizable channel spacing for a variety of crops that require b/t 8-12” of spacing.

Inside NFT channel.jpg    Inside NFT water collection.jpg



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