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Fungus Infection in an Aquaponics System

Posted by Conor Quinlan on Dec 28, 2016 3:01:52 PM


(11/18) The indoor spinach has once again begun developing spots of dead tissue all over the older leaves while the outside spinach remains very healthy. Therefore there must be something about the system causing this issue. It is similar to the pattern a fungus would produce but is not obvious at all. After some research it is likely that it is Cladosporium leaf spot which is a fungal disease. I will try to treat the crop with a new fungicide made from sesame oil extract. It also protects against pests as well. If that doesn’t work then it is probably a bacterial infection which is much harder to treat. Removing plants from the growing area as soon as symptoms are verified is the best way to combat any diseases. After a while the system becomes infested and must be emptied and cleaned to prevent.

artichoke with fungus.jpgbasil with fungus.jpg

Above is am image of the fungal infection on a spinach leaf and on an artichoke leaf.

organocide in aquaponics.jpg

Above is an image of the organic fungicide that will be used to treat the fungal disease. It utilizes sesame seed oil to treat fungal as well as pest infestations.

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