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More Fish, More Nutrients, Less Poop – The Stuppy Aquaponics Clarifier

Posted by Scott Moore on Apr 28, 2017 2:30:00 PM

Last Month Stuppy revealed the first of the optional components for our Aqueduct. Moving right along, this month marks the official launch of our Clarifier.  

 With a Clarifier installed, the majority of the solid waste gets separated out before it reaches the media bed. Seems simple enough, but this simple step brings a lot of benefits to the system. Without that solid waste getting into the media bed you reduce the chances of forming pockets of Anaerobic bacteria, keep the media clean, and have a new source of fertilizer for other plants you may be growing.

clarifier.jpgSome of this we have talked about before. For example, you may recall this post where we showed off our prototype.   At the time, the system was actually somewhat stressed by how much waste was getting into the media bed. A full year of running the system without a thorough cleaning meant that a large amount of the Nitrate was converting *back* into Nitrite and Ammonia.  Once the prototype was installed, despite having full grown fish in the system it caught nearly all of the solids passing through the system.

Moving forward, we will be using water from our Clarifier to water the plants in our outdoor beds. Obviously, we are also keeping a close eye on how much waste builds up in the system. The math suggests that we may not need to worry about cleaning up the solid waste in the media bed ever again. Wouldn’t THAT be swell?

The Clarifier is available for purchase for $650 starting Monday 5/1/17



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