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Aqueduct Float Expansion has Arrived!

Posted by Scott Moore on Mar 28, 2017 3:58:10 PM

Here at Stuppy we are always looking to improve upon our products. When we first launched the Stuppy Aqueduct last year we knew we had created something awesome. We also knew that we had created something we would be able to expand upon in the future.  Our goal has always been to have a flexible system that can be configured to meet the unique needs of every customer.  We are very happy to announce then that we have officially completed testing of our first major Expansion Component! 

The Float Expansion is the first of several options we plan to offer to extend the capacity of the Aqueduct. The expansion adds an additional 60 plant sites to the system, while also increasing water volume by 300 Gallons.  The best part is that we accomplish this with a simple Plug and Grow set-up that can be easily added to an already running Aqueduct System!* The Float Expansion is also flexible with where it can be placed to better accommodate space considerations. 

To test the expansion, we set up a system in our warehouse and added it to a new system already filled with water. You can see the final set up below!


The Expansion will be available for purchase on April 3rd for a cost of $1000 dollars.

*Aqueduct 1.0 systems will require some modification to support the Float expansion



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