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Aquaponics System Efficiency

Posted by Conor Quinlan on Dec 13, 2016 2:53:43 PM

System Efficiency:

This week I tested the electrical parameters of the components that make up the warehouse system using an electric meter. Starting with the two system pumps I found that the voltage was 110V and the amps used by the water pump and air pump were 0.347 and 1.54 amps for a total of 210 Watts of power used. Run 24 hrs per day means 5.04 kWh are required to move water and aerate the system everyday which costs about $0.60 per day or $220 per year total.

The air pump was found to be fairly inefficient as it used 170W versus the 112W it’s rated at so a new, more efficient, option will likely be substituted in the near future.

The florescent fixtures were also tested and found to be highly efficiency using only 5.20 amps. With a voltage of 110V that means the light uses about 575W which is substantially less than the 650W it’s rated at. If used 18 hours a day for lettuce production then 10.35 kWh are needed per day which costs about $1.25 per day or $455 per year.

Below is an example calculation used to get the values above:

                For the florescent light: Meter measured values = 5.2 amps; 110V

Calculation: Watts = amps x volts -> 5.2A x 110V = 575W *18 hours on time = 10.35 kWh per day * $0.12 per kWh = $1.25 per day to power.

 metering tool.jpg

Above is an image of the test being performed with a specialized metering tool.



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