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System Update: Frasier, February/March

System update: Niles, 2/7/18

Tomato Experiments: 1/31/18 Results

System Update: Frasier 1/9/18

Special Post: Advantages of Potassium Carbonate and Potassium Hydroxide for Aquaponics

Stuppy Aquaponics Curriculum Part 6: Nitrogen cycle and colonization of bacteria

System Update: Niles 12/13/17

System Update: Frasier 12/12/17

The Stuppy Aquaponics Curriculum, Part 5: types of bacteria in aquaponics

The Stuppy Aquaponics Curriculum Part 4: Hydroponic and aquaponic designs

The Stuppy Aquaponics Curriculum Part 3: Substrates for Hydroponics and Aquaponics

System Update: Frasier 11/8/17

The Stuppy Aquaponics Curriculum, part 2: Hydroponics, Aquaponics, aeroponics

The Stuppy Aquaponics Curriculum, Part 1: What is agriculture

Nile System update 10/12/17

System Update: Frasier 10/9/17

Join us at the FFA National convention

Aquaponics Experiments 9/27/17

System Update: Frasier 9-14-17

New Aquaponic Experiments Part 3: Red Worms, Shrimp and Carnivorous Crops

System Update: Frasier 7/11/17

Video: Testing your Water

System Update: Niles 7/6/17

Video: Dealing with floating media

Experiments Log 6/28/17

System Update: Frasier 6/27/17

System Update: Niles 6/20/17

Video: Assembling the Aqueduct

System Update: Frasier 6/15/17

New Aquaponic Experiments: Red Worms, Shrimp and Carnivorous Crops

The aqueduct: Video introduction

System Update: Niles 6/6/17

The Aqueduct Team: Conor

System Update: Niles 5/31/17

System Update: Frasier 5/17/17

System Update: Frasier 5/10/17

More Fish, More Nutrients, Less Poop – The Stuppy Aquaponics Clarifier

System Update 4/27/16: Niles

System Update 4/26/17: Frasier

Aqueduct System Update(Frasier)

Meet "Niles" our second in-house aqueduct

What the Expansion can add to an Aqueduct

Adding More plants to the Aquaponics System

We grow Plants in a Warehouse, it’s hard.

Aquaponics Beans, Peas, Arugula and Strawberries!

Aqueduct Float Expansion has Arrived!

Tell-Tale Signs of Overfeeding Fish in Aquaponics

Our Aquaponics team is Growing!

AquEduct System Additions

Follow Along as We Grow in Our Aqueduct System According to Our Curriculum

Following the Aquaponics Class Curriculum in Our Research System

Light Feeding Crops to Grow in Cycling Aquaponics Systems

Insects in the Aquaponics System, Flowering Tomato Plants and our NFT

How is the aquaponics system performing since the restart?

Test Between New Aquaponic Water, Seasoned AQ Water and Hydroponics

Plug-In NFT System for Stuppy's Aqueduct, Aquaponics System

Leafy Greens in a Young Aquaponics System

Are the fish supplying enough nutrients to the aquaponics system?

Aquaponics System Improvements for 2017

Aqueduct Planting Schedule Guide

Cleaning and Restarting an Aquaponics System

Aquaponics System Response to a Restart 1/18/2017

Do I Need to Test Phosphates in Aquaponics?

17 Day Old Aquaponics System: Fish, Water and Plants

Aquaponics System Update 12/28/2016: Tilapia, Siphon and Water Testing

Viral Infections in Aquaponics

Fungus Infection in an Aquaponics System

Snap Shot of Mg Deficiency in Aquaponics

Adding MgCO3 to an Aquaponics System

Prototype Clarifier for Aquaponics

Detailed Water Quality Overview: Nitrite Concentration in Aquaponics

Aquaponics System Reset: Restart and new modifications

Aquaponics System Efficiency

Aquaponics System Update: Propagation/Bucket System

AQUAPONICS Water Quality

ACTE Vision 2016: Start-up of a new system

Aquaponics Systems Today 11/08/2016: Mg deficiency, CaCO3 issue, Outside vs System Crop Comparison, New Pesticide, Blue Light Effects and New System Setup

Aquaponics System Today Special Edition: FFA National Convention Q and A

Magnesium Deficiency Test in AQUAPONICS

Mg deficiency solution and Clarifier Design for Aquaponics

Aquaponics Systems Today 10/28/2016: Mg Deficiency and Outside Plantings

In Depth Post on Algae and Water Quality in Aquaponics

pH-Alkalinity-Feed Rate Interactions in Aquaponics

Aquaponics System Today 10/07/2016: pH-Alk-Hardness, Basil, Fish Harvest and Algae

What Does the Media in an Aquaponics System Contain after 6 months of running the System?

Aquaponics System Today 09/30/2016: Partial System Drain, Water Testing, CaCO3, Harvesting and LED's

Aquaponics System Today 09/26/2016: Partial Draining of System and Adding Cool Season Crops

Aquaponics System Today 09/23/2016: IPM, CaCO3, and Mg

Aquaponics System Insect Presence, Heater Layout and New Lighting

Aquaponics Systems Today 09/21/2016: Cont. Water Hardness Concentrations

Aquaponics System Today 09/20/2016: Indepth Look at Ca, Mg and Water Hardness

Aquaponics System Today 09/19/2016: Calcium, Potassium and Lighting

Aquaponics Systems Today 09/16/2016: Irrigation Design, Ca, Change in Lighting and Harvesting Butterhead

Aquaponics System Today 09/15/16: Work around for Mg Levels, Testing Phosphates and Environmental Stress vs K Deficiency

Aquaponics System Today 09/14/16: Wacky Fish Weights, Ca Build Up and Possible Need for Alkalinity Supplement (K2CO3)

Aquaponics Systems Today 09/13/16: Testing Mg+2, High Ca? and Break in the Heat

Aquaponics System Today 09/12/16: EC rise, Low pH vs Ammonia concentrations and Ca problem due to Low Light

Aquaponics Systems Today 09/09/16: pH, Lettuce, Calcium deficiencies

Aquaponics System Today 06/06/16: CaCO3 effects on pH, Lettuce Transplants, Computer Sensing

Aquaponics System Today 09/01/16: Iron Deficiency, Thrips and CaCO3 precipitate

Aquaponics System Today 08/31/16: Is KOH needed?

Aquaponics System Today 08/30/16: Transplanting Lettuce, Eggplant Pollen and Adjusting Light Quality

Aquaponics System Today 08/29/16: Iron Deficiency, Eggplant Flowers and Low Light Stress on Lettuce Plugs

Aquaponics System Today 08/26/16: Adding CaCO3 and Sensor Unit Update

Aquaponics System Today 08/25/16: Adding Iron Chelate, Nitrification Slowing at pH 6.6 and Sensing Unit Update

08/24/16 Ongoing Aquaponics Research and Maintenance

08/23/16 Ongoing Aquaponics Research and Maintenance

08/16/16-08/22/16 Ongoing Aquaponics Research and Maintenance

08/15/16 Ongoing Aquaponics Research and Maintenance

08/11/16 Ongoing Aquaponics Research and Maintenance

08/10/16 Ongoing Aquaponics Research and Maintenance

08/09/16 Ongoing Aquaponics Research and Maintenance

08/08/16 Ongoing Aquaponics Research and Maintenance

08/05/16 Ongoing Aquaponic Research and Maintenance

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